The Eggless Rich Chocolate Cake Mix is a delicious mix which you can use to bake your cakes easily at home. The cake mix is made from whole grains like ragi, jowar & whole wheat flour that are packed with proteins, minerals and fibre and yet has all the richness and flavor of a traditional Chocolate Cake.

And what more, You can bake this cake mix in the Pressure cooker, a Microwave Convection Oven or an OTG. And the best part is, it is eggless / egg free you only need two additional ingredients which is the homemade dahi/ curd / or store bought dahi and oil. 

So go ahead bake a cake with this Eggless Rich Chocolate Cake Mix, and cut a sensible slice for yourself or your family and friends and serve it as a dessert or a snack along with a cup of milk, coffee or chai.


1 pack of Archana's Kitchen Rich Chocolate Cake Mix (325 gram)

80 ml Sunflower/ Rice Bran/ Canola Oil

240 ml/1 cup Homemade Curd/ Yogurt

Method Of Baking the Cake Mix

To begin making the Eggless Rich Chocolate Cake Mix, first measure 80 ml of oil or melted butter and 240 ml of curd. You can use homemade curd or store bought curd.

Grease and dust a round 7 inch round cake pan or mini cupcake pan. 

Add the full packet of Archana's Kitchen Rich Chocolate Cake Mix into a large mixing bowl along with oil and curd and beat well for 2 minutes until smooth and fluffy.

If you find that the batter is too thick and does not drop down, add a tablespoon of curd/ yogurt at a time and mix to make a smooth batter.

The batter should be such that, it will drop like a super thick batter from the spoon when you lift it up.

Transfer the Rich Chocolate Cake Mix batter into the greased cake pan.

Pressure Cooker Method 

Place a trivet at the bottom of the Pressure Cooker.

Place the Rich Chocolate Cake mix into the Pressure Cooker.

Cover the cooker without the weight and bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until a knife inserted inside comes out clean.

OTG/ Microwave Convection Oven Method

Preheat Heat oven to 160 C. 

Place the Rich Chocolate Cake Mix in the cake pan into the preheated oven and bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until a knife inserted inside comes out clean.

Cooling & Serving

Cool the Rich Chocolate Cake for 10 minutes. Remove the cake from the pan by sliding the sides of pan using a knife and invert into a board to cut into slices.

Enjoy Archana's Kitchen Rich Chocolate Cake warm or refrigerate for few hours to have it cold. Serve it as a dessert along with some ice cream and whipped cream or simply as a snack along with a cup of milk, coffee or chai. 


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