May 16, 2021

Learn How To Bake Our Cake Mixes "Your" Oven - Size of Oven, Temperature & Baking Times Matter !

Learn How To Bake Our Cake Mixes "Your" Oven - Size of Oven, Temperature & Baking Times Matter !

Baking is a complex science and just when you found out you have the perfect recipe or the cake mix and you put your cake into the oven - the cake was underbaked, did not bake in the specified time given - either took longer or got baked faster or got burnt on the top. You would think your cake is ready on top and risen so well but is wet in the middle? It's not your fault (this time). 

It is important to understand this one important aspect of baking apart from owning a great recipe or a cake mix - Every Oven Is Different. In my 35 plus years of baking experience, I have baked in ovens of various sizes, from 16 liters, 25 liters to 40 to large professional oven and not to forget gas ovens and olden time sand oven too. And every single one of them has its own unique temperament and personality.

The thermostat setting in each of the ovens works very differently. It takes as little as 15 minutes to heat an oven and sometimes even 25 minutes on a slow oven. Once the thermostat hit their set temperature, they shut off the heat until the temperature falls below a certain point before heating back up again. This cycle is the problem. 

Understanding this thermostat calibration of your oven and how the heating functions work in your oven is important for good baking results. And this typically does not happen in your first try (if you are a beginner to baking). It will take a few hits and misses to get the right temperature for baking cakes, cookies, breads, pizza's etc. 

Important Note: Each oven is different and baking temperature and times will differ from oven to oven.

Oven Tips for baking Archana's Kitchen Cake Mixes 

  1. Choose the right oven function and oven temperature based on the size & model of your oven - as shown in the table below
  2. Preheat your oven for at least 10 minutes to 20 minutes.
  3. Place the cake pan in the center rack 
  4. Avoid opening the oven until 30 minutes if you are baking the cake in an 8 inch pan. Opening the oven often will allow cool air to go in causing the cake to sink and also make it more dense

Oven Size, Temperature & Function Settings  

The table below will give you an approximate baking time and oven temperature and function setting for you to bake Archana's Kitchen Cake Mixes easily in your oven.